Important Announcement

Mobylla UK LTD becomes XCONIFY UK LTD

You have been following us for years and years. We are very happy to start a new adventure by proposing to you more of innovative solutions as we did before.

We will soon bring to you via our website news about our new solutions. As we were pioneers for enterprise mobility, we will through XCONIFY innovate and create the new enterprise ecosystem tools. Still through mobile but more specifically with real time access to/from data of your company users, documents, assets thanks to new technologies around Big Data and IoT. All these indeed under secure manner.

What are the changes

Here are the new changes within our group:

  • Mobylla UK becomes XCONIFY UK: contact and website :
  • Mobylla Belgium stopped its activities and had to run through bankruptcy. You can contact our branch XCONIFY Belgium(X-MED sprl/bvba) for any new requests
  • Mobylla Hellas reamins unchanged. You can contact them through
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